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Utah Pride Festival 2011–Schedule


7:00 pm     Grand Marshal Reception @ I.J. and Jeanne Jewish Community Center Buy tickets here.


9:00 am     Pride Day 5K @ Memory Grove. Register online here.

2:00 pm     Pride Interfaith Service

3:00 pm     Dyke March/Transgender March

4:00 pm     Opening Ceremonies (Corner of 400 S and 200 E across from the Main Gate)

4:00 pm     Festival Gates Open @ Washington Square

4-7:00 pm Kids Carnival

8:00pm      Headliner Act | Kat DeLuna

9:00 pm     Club Music Dance Party @ North Main Stage

11:00 pm   Festival Gates Close


8:30 am      Parade line-up begins

10:00 am    Utah Pride Parade @ Downtown SLC (check out the new route here)

11:00 am    Festival Gates Open @ Washington Square

12:00 pm    Entertainment Begins @ Festival Stages

4:00 pm      Headliner Act | Expose

7:00 pm      Festival Closes

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Seemingly Straight Marriage

Many have voiced disapproval over my recent marriage to one of my best friends who doesn’t identify as such, but is, for all intents and purposes, a lesbian. We married for insurance benefits because we plan to have children and raise a family. Our marriage has been the subject of controversy among the small group of people who know about it.

I believe marriage should be an unalienable right, and as a gay man, I helped promote these rallies against Proposition 8 and those who supported it. I’ve fought for equality and human rights for many years, but with recent events, I’m being told that I’m undermining the gay-rights movement and disrespecting the LGBTQ community.

“I don’t think you represent the [gay] community appropriately,” said a friend of mine during a very lively and public debate, “[marriage] should be between people who love each other, not between a gay man and a lesbian.”

Marriage for the sake of love sounds old-fashioned, but on the contrary, it’s very modern. For centuries, people have married for one benefit or another. It’s a social benefit among royal families, or financial benefit in countries where fathers literally sell their daughters for marriage. It’s still not uncommon in some parts of the world for marriages to be arranged for certain benefits, and love doesn’t write well into their contracts.

My wife and I may not love each other in a conventional manner, but we do love and respect each other as friends, and it has always been my belief through equal-rights rallies that the morality of marriage shouldn’t be measured or validated by sexual attraction. We will have children, and we will love them irrevocably—doesn’t this satisfy the argument that one should marry for love?

Many have argued that we are setting back the gay-rights movement because we entered into a seemingly straight marriage. How is exploiting a traditionally straight institution for the benefit of a gay union disadvantageous to the gay-rights movement? Are we to protest traditional (opposite sex) marriage under the pretense that lawmakers give a rat’s ass if we get married or not?

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What’s Your Passion?

Do you have a knack for writing? Do you take pleasure in celebrating life and being active in the community? Do you have an opinion on anything? I’m looking for you.

GaySLC.com is dedicated to enriching the local GLBTQ community by supporting friendly businesses and inviting others to get involved. I’m searching for self-motivated individuals who are passionate about their community involvement.Community

What’s your passion?

  • SLCelebrity News & Gossip,
  • Style & Fashion,
  • Clubs & Nightlife,
  • Health & Safety,
  • Food & Dining,
  • A&E, Concerts & Theater,
  • LGBTQA Business Spotlight,
  • Law (Agenda) & Resources,
  • Etcetera.

Timelines are flexible as you make your own schedule. We will collaborate as a group, but you will have the flexibility of choosing your own projects. This is currently a volunteer position.

If you’re interested or have any questions please send me an email at tristan@gayslc.com.

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